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9 groups found

  • climate


    Data describing long-term weather conditions such as precipitation, drought...

    25 Datasets View Climate
  • ecosystems-wildlife

    Ecosystems & Wildlife

    Water data within the scope of ecosystems and wildlife, such as aquatic life,...

    31 Datasets View Ecosystems & Wildlife
  • energy


    Data related to energy development, such as produced water, mining, water...

    14 Datasets View Energy
  • infras


    Data that helps to manage or describe various water management structures,...

    35 Datasets View Infrastructure
  • natural-hazards

    Natural hazards

    Data related to hazards like drought, flood, storm water and public health...

    14 Datasets View Natural hazards
  • water-planning

    Water planning

    Essential data related to developing regional, county, or state water plans.

    41 Datasets View Water planning
  • water-quality

    Water Quality

    Data related to the chemical or biological condition of the water, such as...

    63 Datasets View Water Quality
  • water-quantity

    Water Quantity

    Data describing how much water is available, such as measurements of...

    81 Datasets View Water Quantity
  • water-use

    Water Use

    Data related to water uses for various purposes, such as agriculture,...

    15 Datasets View Water Use