WUA Data Gap Well Groundwater Levels

Purpose This is water level data from the Water Authority's Data Gap Well, installed to monitor ethylene dibromide (EDB) released from the Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility jet fuel leak. The monitoring well is screened in the deeper portion of the aquifer where a gap existed in the existing monitoring network. Water levels from the well offer another data point to assess the elevation of the water table in Albuquerque.

Well Details This is a 597 feet deep monitoring well screened between 572 and 592 feet below ground surface. The well casing is 3-inch Schedule 80 PVC with a 0.020-inch slotted screen. Water levels are typically around 450 ft below ground surface.

Water Level Details Water levels are obtained from both manual measurements and a InSitu LevelTroll pressure transducer, set to measure every hour. The well is sampled on a quarterly basis. During sampling, the transducer must be removed and left out of the well for a period of about 3 weeks to accommodate the passive sampling devices and the pump used for active sampling.

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Field Value
Contact Name Kelsey Bicknell
Contact Email [email protected]
Data Collection Timeframe 2022-07-08 - 2024-04-30
Data Collection Frequency Hourly
Preparation Method The raw data from the Level Troll is cleaned using an R script. The datetime is parsed to a POSIX format and erroneous pressure points that occur when the transducer is removed from the well are removed. The data is then written to a csv.
Data Publishing Frequency Quarterly
Geographic Location 35.065456, -106.570970
Last Updated 23 May 2024
Published 21 March 2024