Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Program

The WaDE Program is committed to assisting WSWC member states in publicly sharing water rights, allocation, supply, and use data through a common streamlined and standardized service that enables regional analyses to inform water resources planning and policies.

How much water is there? What is its quality? How is it currently being used? Improving our water data infrastructure, quality, and availability is one of the country’s most pressing challenges, but it is one that will enable us to more sustainably manage our most precious resource. To address this challenge, the Western States Water Council (WSWC) aimed to formulate a strategy and to develop a framework for its member states to begin to share important water supply, water use, and water administration datasets with each other, with federal partners, and with the public, called the Water Data Exchange.

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Division Water Data Exchange Program
Contact Name Julie Groat - Administrative Assistant
Contact Email [email protected]
Last Updated 08 December 2023
Published 08 December 2023