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Synoptic’s Data Viewer reflects our mission to increase awareness and discoverability of the data we aggregate from our provider partners and enhance its accessibility for all users. Look through data from all available stations with just a few clicks. With map, tabular, and time series graph views, you can explore the data we aggregate across the globe, drill down to detailed station tabular data reports, and compare conditions across stations with the interactive graphing tool for in-depth analysis. Station metadata and provider information are also available to document the station details and properly attribute the data to the entities making the effort to maintain the infrastructure and make the data available.

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Contact Name Synoptic Support
Contact Email [email protected]
Known Uses of Data We designed the viewer to encourage community use. Whether you’re a meteorologist, emergency manager, data provider, hobbyist, or student working on a class project, the Data Viewer gives you the keys to generate custom views so you can learn about local weather, monitor your data assets, or make informed decisions based on the data at hand. Filter data to specific networks or areas of interest for situational awareness, use visual QC flags to identify stations that may need servicing, or quickly traverse to past moments in time to place current conditions in the context of historical events. And it’s mobile friendly!
Preparation Method The surface station data available in this application are made available from hundreds of providers including personal weather station owners, research and industry organizations, and local, state, federal, and international government entities. Synoptic Data PBC aggregates data from these sources and makes it available in real time. Because of this aggregation, the details of the data vary from network to network and station to station. Measurement and transmission frequency, variables reported, and more, are established by the providers based on their specific needs. Precipitation data has been derived by Synoptic from the more than 20 different raw reporting formats in our aggregated data stream.
Data Publishing Method Webmap. The display of surface observations in this application is powered by Synoptic's Mesonet API. It is freely available to all users for non-commercial use.
Data Quality Procedures Quality control flags are based on procedures developed by Synoptic and performed on the data stream in real time.
Geographic Location Worldwide
Data Source Various
Last Updated 12 July 2024
Published 08 November 2023