NMED Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau (PSTB)

The Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau works to reduce, mitigate and eliminate the threats to the environment posed by petroleum products or hazardous material or wastes released from underground and above ground storage tanks. This is accomplished by:

-Preventing leaks and spills through equipment, monitoring, testing, installation, removal and other requirements, which are enforced through inspections.

-Requiring corrective action such as repairing or closing the tank system and cleaning up the spill or leak.

-Adhering to the regulations governing owners and operators of petroleum storage tanks located in 20.5.101-20.5.125 of the New Mexico Administrative Code.

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Field Value
Division Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau
Contact Name PSTB
Contact Email PSTB.Inbox@env.nm.gov
Last Updated 23 October 2023
Published 18 March 2021