Hydrogeologic Framework of the Estancia Basin, New Mexico - Open-file Report 609

This dataset includes GeoJSON files which can be downloaded and dropped directly into open source GIS software such as QGIS.

New Mexico relies heavily on groundwater, as it accounts for over 45% of total water use (withdrawals) in the state. Future demand for groundwater will likely increase as surface water supplies decrease due to effects of climate change. Groundwater levels in aquifers throughout the state have been declining, primarily due to groundwater being extracted by pumping and evapotranspiration (the combination of evaporation and vegetation transpiration) at higher rates than it is replenished by groundwater recharge, and the Estancia Basin is no exception. It is largely a rural area with a decades-long tradition of farming and ranching, despite a paucity of surface water. The Estancia Basin and its residents are almost fully dependent on groundwater for water resource needs, with surface water use accounting for only ~0.1% of water withdrawals.

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Division Hydrogeology
Subdivision Aquifer Mapping Program
Contact Name Talon Newton
Contact Email [email protected]
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Publication Date 2020-11-01
Data Collection Frequency One-time
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Data Publishing Frequency One-time
Version 1.0
Geographic Location Torrance County, Santa Fe County, Bernalillo County
Data Source NMBGMR
Source URL https://geoinfo.nmt.edu/publications/openfile/details.cfml?Volume=609
Last Updated 09 January 2024
Published 12 April 2023