GoNM is a web map that shows locations of active and former petroleum storage tank (PST) facilities and sites of active and closed releases. The web map contains links to relevant documents (if available electronically) pertaining to individual sites when they are clicked on the map, such as inspection reports including tank closure information and monitoring reports for release sites. Water quality and depth to groundwater information is included in monitoring reports.

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Known Uses of Data Letters of No Further Action (NFA) are issued for sites whose contaminants have been removed to below Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thresholds, and those are available linked to each site. Information about Delivery Prohibition, or "red tagging" is also available for active gas stations that have had certain tanks locked for violations or other issues. This information may be out of date on the web maps, so it is best to visit the Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau's (PSTB) home page on the matter. https://www.env.nm.gov/petroleum_storage_tank/delivery-prohibition/
Data Collection Procedures Petroleum facility inspectors visit each facility no less frequently than once every three years for an inspection. For release sites undergoing remediation, contractors delivery reports at varying intervals, but at least annually, and often quarterly.
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