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Geology and hydrogeology of the southern Taos Valley, Taos County, New Mexico - Open-file Report 501

The study was designed to collect new surface geologic data in the southern Taos valley, and to synthesize surface and subsurface geologic and hydrogeologic data into geologic and hydrogeologic conceptual models. The study area is restricted to the Taos embayment, and specifically includes nonpueblo land in the northwest corner of the Ranchos de Taos quad and the southwest corner of the Taos quad. We have added small areas of the Taos SW and Los Cordovas quads in order to include relevant geologic features. Mapping was concentrated on the high piedmont terrain within the embayment. The primary objectives of the study are: (1) To develop a geometric model of the surface and subsurface geology of the Taos embayment. This model will assist in locating areas for drilling exploratory water wells, and in locating critical areas for hydrologic monitoring. (2) To better understand the detailed basin-margin hydrogeology in the rapidly developing high piedmont area between CaƱon and Talpa. This understanding will assist planners and developers in making decisions concerning water supply and water quality, and support geologists and drillers in developing domestic water supplies. (3) To investigate the influence of stratigraphy and structure on mountain-front recharge, and determine what recharge mechanisms are active at various locations. (4) To evaluate existing data resources and recommend directions of future data collection. Such an evaluation will assist agencies in making decisions about future water studies in the Taos area. The following deliverables are included in this report: geologic maps at scales of 1:12,000 and 1:6000, six geologic cross sections and block diagrams, a tectonic/geologic/geophysical map (1:24,000 scale) and preliminary model, a potentiometric surface map (1:12,000 scale) of the basin margin along the southern Taos embayment, and evaluation of mountain-front recharge mechanisms and routes of recharge. These data and interpretations are synthesized into a conceptual geologic and hydrogeologic models. In addition, we provide a discussion of areas for future ground water development and monitoring.

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