Healy Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network

The Healy Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network is a statewide well measurement network, with wells measured in a variety of ways (i.e. pressure, acoustic, and manual measurements), as well as compiling data from various regional networks. This is an API link to these well locations and associated data.

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Field Value
Division Hydrogeology
Subdivision Aquifer Mapping Program
Contact Name Laila Sturgis
Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone 575-835-5490
Known Uses of Data These data are intended to help private and public entities better understand the groundwater conditions in their areas of interest. These data can be used for a variety of reasons, which generally involve using the data to produce other products. While depth to water at single points may or may not give much information about aquifer conditions, the data can be used to interpolate water levels between points. Some wells may have many observations through time in this dataset, allowing the tracking of water level changes. This dataset also includes the geologic formation zone for some wells, allowing one to track water levels through time for specific aquifers.
Data Collection Procedures The groundwater level data in this dataset were either collected by NMBGMR staff or shared with NMBGMR by other agencies. This dataset is comprised of manual measurements and does not include continuous measurements. Manual measurements are completed using a steel tape, an electronic measuring tape (e-probe), or a handheld sonic device. The measurements are generally made every 6 months or 1 year, though observations may be sporadic or singular.
Data Collection Frequency As Needed
Preparation Method This dataset is a subset of NMBGMR water level data that includes a monitoring status and has been set for public release. Some wells have multiple monitoring statuses. A look up table is provided with the dataset.
Data Publishing Method These data are available through multiple methods, such as API and individual Open File Reports, but this dataset was specifically created for the NMWDI data portal as a CSV file.
Data Publishing Frequency As Needed
Data Quality Procedures The quality of water level measurements made in the field are qualified depending on well conditions at the time of measurement. For example, if a well was recently pumped, we would mark the water level as being affected by pumping because the water level could still be increasing to its static level. Observations collected in the field are reviewed by NMBGMR hydrogeologists before being saved into the database where the data are stored. The review process includes comparison of collected data with past water levels through a hydrograph. If the observation does not appear realistic, it is flagged for further review. If the observation is still considered unrealistic, it will not be marked for public release.
Version 1.0
Geographic Location New Mexico
Coordinate Reference System EPSG:26913
Data Source Various
Last Updated 09 January 2024
Published 19 October 2020