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  • Source Water Protection Areas

    Source Water is the raw, untreated supply of water from surface water or groundwater used for current or future drinking water. Source Water protection reduces the risk of water...
  • WRRI Technical Reports

    Numerous technical reports related to water in New Mexico regions
  • WRRI Statewide Water Assessment

    WRRI's Statewide Water Assessment is an effort that will complement existing state agency water resource assessments. It will provide new, dynamic (updated frequently),...
  • EDI Data Portal

    The EDI Data Portal contains environmental and ecological data packages contributed by a number of participating organizations. Data providers make every effort to release data...
  • EBID SCADA data

    SCADA Systems monitors, analyzes, and reports on surface water and groundwater within the District boundaries. Using an extensive system of Remote Telemetry Units (RTU), surface...
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