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  • New Mexico Climate Risk Map

    The Climate Risk Map is designed to help New Mexico communities and residents learn more about factors that contribute to their climate change risk. You can visualize data...
  • NM Wildfire History

    Wildfires pose a risk to our environment, human health and biodiversity. Following catastrophic wildfires flooding causes sediment to flow into our rivers and streams; polluting...
  • Oil Conservation Division Data

    NM Oil Conservation Division Data Download Page
  • Oil Conservation Division Well Search Tool

    An application designed to allow users to search well permitting data
  • OCD Map Tools

    Various map tools from Oil Conservation Division (OCD) of EMNRD.
  • OCD Data File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

    Those unfamiliar with using File Transfer Protocol should refer to the provided FTP support resource. Publicly available OCD Documents and Files can be accessed via a...
  • Important Plant Areas of New Mexico

    Important Plant Areas (IPAs) are a product of The New Mexico Rare Plant Conservation Strategy. The strategy is an integral part of the State of New Mexico’s Energy, Minerals,...
  • Forest Treatments Map

    This map displays forest treatments conducted by New Mexico Forestry Division and its partners including New Mexico Game & Fish. Forest treatments improve forest health,...
  • EMNRD Mining and Minerals Division (MMD) GIS Data

    MMD uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to locate and track its mining activities in the state. This is a computer system that can capture, store, analyze and display...
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