New Mexico Water Data Services

The Water Data services found through this website will provide users with access to water data, tools, and information of many types from New Mexico. These data can be used to support analysis and decision making by the public, technical users or researchers. The goal is for users to be able to find, access, and use water data and related information, including water quantity, water quality, and water use. Water data topics include water quality, water quantity, water use, climate, energy, ecosystems & wildlife, natural hazards, water planning, and infrastructure.


New Mexico enacted NM House Bill 651 in 2019 to share, integrate and improve the management of water data, including data on water quality, quantity and uses. New Mexico is the second state in the country to enact policy that directs integration of water data. To date, no other state has yet accomplished completely open and interoperable water data. This project will be a multi-year endeavor, as we illuminate New Mexico’s water data, particularly data critical to water management and water planning.


New Mexicans will have accessible and useful data for water management and planning.


  • We will have easy access to key water datasets
  • We will have common water data standards and definitions
  • Data gaps will be identified and prioritized
  • We will ensure that accessible water data are useful, such as for decision making, research, public inquiry, management and planning